General Rules For UmanG 2017

General Rules for UmanG 2017 are as follows :

  • All the institutions are requested to adhere the list of events(Click Here) for Phase II of UmanG 2017.
  • New participant’s can be registered only for the below mentioned cases :
    • Case I
      • If the Institution is entering the festival directly in Phase II, then participation can be accepted for 3 individual(s)/team(s) event wise on FCFS* basis as per the list of event(s) circulated.
    •  Case II
      • If the institution already participated in Phase I, in this scenario the shortlisted participants for the event(s) which were organized in the campus will report for those events for Phase II and also college can send 3 individual(s)/team(s) for the each event which were not executed during earlier Phase or the participation was not there at that point of time strictly on FCFS* basis.
  • For existing participants, in case if they want to change any of the team’s participant then the same can be done by following the below procedure :
    • Team Head will have to intimate our team within due time and will have to share the details of the participant who is going to be replaced along with the details of new individual(For registration purpose).
    • Team will have to submit the participation fee as per the list of event circulated for Phase II at the time of reporting for that particular event.
  • The event is planned as a residential festival and spread over the span of three days where the participant will reside in the host college for the following:
    • Day 1 : Reporting & Inaugural Ceremony along with Musical Evening.
    • Day 2 : Event(s).
    • Day 3 : Event(s) & Prize Distribution Function.
  • Participant(s) will have to wear their participation identity card provided by the organizer at all the time and they are advised to carry identity card issued by their respective college along with that.
  • Cash prizes for the event(s) will be as per the list of event circulated for Phase II.
  • Individual(s) or Team(s) will have to adhere the theme or topic provided or to be provided on the spot in order to avoid disqualification.
  • Judges have all the rights to change or alter the theme at the time of execution in order to enhance the expected performance/output of the participants.
  • The decision of the judges will be final & binding.
  • Any misbehaviour or misconduct with Judges or fellow participant(s) or organizing team or staff & faculty of the host institution will not be tolerated and the candidate will not be allowed to participate in any event and will be asked to leave the campus as well.
  • Participants will be responsible for their belonging and props.

*Note: FCFS denoted First Come First Serve. For list of event(s) for Phase II, please Click Here.

For more details on Accommodation & Food arrangements, please Click Here.