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For General rules for Phase II of UmanG 2017, please click here.

General rules for the category are:

  • The participants are requested to submit the track in Pen Drive/Compact Disc before the event with the coordinator to avoid technical disturbance(s).
  • We won’t accept the track/participation after the cut-off time or at the last minute.
  • Tracks should be submitted to the event coordinator before 12 hours of the event. Tracks should not include abusive and vulgar words/lyrics, if found then the participation will be cancelled.
  • Multiple songs as per the theme can be clubbed into one for the performance.
  • Participant(s) are also advised to not to disclose the name of the Institution whilst their performance.
  • Participants will be responsible for their own props & belongings.
  • Lighting of matchsticks, candles and cigarettes or any derogatory acts are strictly not allowed on stage.
  • Choice of song is restricted as per the permissible theme for each category of the event(s).
  • The participants will be judged out of 20 marks on the basis of their rhythm, formation, synchronization, expressions, costumes, makeup, setup and overall appeal of the performance.
  • If the number of teams/individual is less than five in any event of this category then we have all the rights to withdraw the event and refund the amount.
  • The above said rules may be altered (if required & necessary) by the Judges.
  • The decision of the Judges will be Final & Binding.


Classical (Solo): Meera-Prem

Folk (Solo/Duet/Group): Cultural dance of any province/state of India

Bollywood (Solo/Duet/Group): Compositions filmed on Salman Khan

Western (Solo/Duet/Group): Signature moves of MJ & Lyrical Dance Form


Registration fee : INR 30 per participant (If not registered already)

Round I: General Round (Compulsory)

This round is a general round and compulsory for the all the participants of the category.

Solo (Classical / Folk / Bollywood / Western):

  • Event is for an Individual Participant.
  • Time duration will be Minimum 04 & Maximum 05 minutes for the performance.

Duet (Folk / Bollywood / Western):

  • Event is for Two Participants.
  • Time duration will be Minimum 05 & Maximum 06 minutes for the performance.

Group (Folk / Bollywood / Western):

  • Event is for Minimum 04 & Maximum 08 Participants.
  • Time duration will be Minimum 06 & Maximum 07 minutes for the performance.

Round II: Challenge Round (Optional)

For the first time ever we are introducing a bonus challenge round for the participants to score more points with their performance in 90 seconds.

The rules for the same are as follows:

  • The participants who will dare to accept the challenge will get Two extra point out of Ten marks apart from the marks secured during his/her performance and have to ensure the adherence to the category for which they are participating.
  • Rest eight points will be based on the performance of the participant(s) on the random track played by the organizers out of the announced track list.*
  • The act should not be derogatory or vulgar.

*Note: Organizers will release the list of tracks(at out facebook channel @umangthefest latest by 12th April 2017) which will be played in the challenge round.