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 For General rules for Phase II of UmanG 2017, please click here.

General rules for the category are:

  • The events of this category are for an Individual Participant.
  • We won’t accept the participation after the cut-off time or at the last minute.
  • Participant(s) need to maintain the discipline and decorum of the venue.
  • Participant(s) are also advised to not to disclose the name of the Institution whilst their performance.
  • Participant(s) will be responsible for their own belongings.
  • If the number of teams/individual is less than five in any event of this category then we have all the rights to withdraw the event and refund the amount.
  • The above said rules may be altered (if required & necessary) by the Judge(s).
  • The decision of the Judge(s) will be Final & Binding.

Ship Wreck

Registration fee : INR 30 per participant (If not registered already)

You are the Superman of your world and it’s time to save someone from sinking on that wrecked ship. The ship is sinking and the Captain has only one Life-Jacket left. You are on board in the ship with so many other popular celebrities/ fictional characters/ hypothetical characters etc.

  • Participant needs to convince Observer(s)/Judges(s) within the character provided.
  • Prove yourselves and the character you are portraying and sink into the given character and try to escape from the sinking ship by using your awesome convincing skills and prove that you deserve the only Life-jacket. Make yourself appear prominent and better than any other person/ thing on board to win the Life jacket and eventually win the event.
  • The participants will be judged on content, humor, cogent arguments, valid points and audience response.


Turn Coat

Registration fee : INR 30 per participant (If not registered already)

Participant will be given any random topic and instantly handed over a mic to initially speak for or against the topic.

  • Participant will have duration of three minutes whenever the judge commands ‘switch’, the speaker will have to switch between ‘for’ and ‘against’ multiple times thereby contradicting his own previous statements.
  • The participant will be judged basis of spontaneity, humor, content and of course audience response.