Accommodation & Refreshment

General Instructions for availing the accommodation at the host institution are as follows:

  • Each Individual(Participant) will have to report at the Reporting Desk before 1 PM(Day 1) along with the following :
    • Identity Card issued by respective college.
    • Proof of Identity(any one) issued by GoI.
    • Two Passport Size Photographs.
  • Each Individual will have to pay the sum of INR 300 where INR 200 is for the accommodation & food/refreshment whilst their stay at the host institutional campus and INR 100 is for refundable security/caution charges.
  • The time of meal will be fixed as per the usual routine of the institution and the organizer will not be responsible if the candidate forgets to go to mess at the desired time.
  • If the team is lead by a faculty from the participating institution then the same have to be communicated before hand so that proper arrangement(s) can be made for them as well.
  • Visitors from participating institution(s) are allowed and the above procedure will be applicable.
  • Participant(s)/Visitor(s) will have to wear their participation identity card provided by the organizer at all the time and they are advised to carry identity card issued by their respective college along with that.
  • Participant(s)/Visitor(s) will be provided with bedding and other necessary things for the comfortable stay but it is their responsibility to return the items as expected or else the caution money will be deducted to incur the loss.
  • In case if the participant wishes to go back and forth on daily basis then the same is not advised with organizer standpoint and organizer will not be responsible for any collateral damage or loss of participant or visitor and they will have to submit the charges as explained above at the time of reporting.
  • The schedule is designed as per the convenience of the participants available in the host institutional campus around the clock.
  • Due assistance(in terms of information only) will be provided by the organizing team in order to reach the venue of Phase II of UmanG 2017 from Hisar City.
  • Organizing team will not arrange any vehicle or transportation facility for any participant and they will have to do it on their own in order to reach the venue of Phase II for UmanG 2017.
  • We suppose that participants and visitors have done their due diligence & have got necessary permission to attend or compete during event(s) in the festival from their parent(s)/institutional head(s)/hostel warden(s) etc.